A Loathsome Fitness Routine

  • How to enjoy your training

Now, I don’t need to labour the point about people starting a resolution and not seeing it through! However, when it comes to fitness I can guarantee the main reason for failure is…doing what you hate.

This may seem obvious but when you are confronted with a new environment, it’s very easy to stick in your comfort zone (afterall, it is basic human psychology). Once you have a level of comprehension you will realise that there are many ways to get results, not least without burpees. This would be my primary argument for hiring a fitness professional, even for a short space of time as it will pay dividends.

Furthermore, performing the same fitness routine endlessly is guaranteed to make you tired and less motivated to return. I can vouch for this from personal experience! Keep your body adapting and challenged by providing new stimulus and a new plan every 6-8 weeks maximum.

The biggest challenge for me last year was of course finding variety with home workouts and only limited access to equipment and weights. I managed this by changing exercises, repetitions, styles etc relatively frequently.

Personally, I find exercising to be a great way to zone out and enter an almost meditative state. It certainly helps me relax and sometimes it isn’t even about the physical exercise but somewhere to declutter my thoughts.

The mental side of fitness and wellbeing is as invigorating as the physical but if you start on the wrong footing it becomes more difficult to get back on the horse!

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Ross Yeoman

Ross Yeoman

RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!