Ross Yeoman

Jul 18, 2021

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Back Pain and How to Help
* Anecdotal and scientific assistance
* How to alleviate the ache

Admittedly, back pain that's not something that I have suffered with until I turned 30. It is only recently that I have developed somewhat of a twinge in my back. I do work a very physical job and as a disclaimer, I have no doubts that my gym training is helping, not hindering.

Back pain can be caused by multiple things. From my time as a fitness coach, it is usually related to another injury, or ache elsewhere in the body. My personal pain has accelerated since I damaged my ankle. There is definitely a running chain here of me having tight hip flexors from running marathons common besides the fact that my posterior chain is rather inflexible.

First point of order, stretching and flexibility will trust it will help alleviate lower back pain. I have recently begun foam rolling on a more regular basis too. This can be relatively painful and the science is somewhat split on the effectiveness but for me, it releases tension and helps.
My barometer of pain is usually measured by how much my golf game is impinged through pain. If I'm swinging a golf club and my back is tightening up I can tell there is an issue.
If you have been watching the Open championship you will know that one of the players withdrew due to a back injury after hitting a ball from The rough. Despite having a reputation of not being a physical game, the power and strength required to hit a golf ball from rugged terrain can create injury.

Moving on, another tactic that I have used is to sleep with a pillow under my back. My mattress is slightly firmer and I should resolve this but for now, it seems to take tension off my back. I tend to hunch and sleep in a rather stressed position, some free mindfulness meditation before I sleep has helped exponentially.
Prior to beginning this, I had the notion that it was all rather spurious. However, having begun a regular mindfulness plan, it definitely helps reduce blood pressure and take stress out with the body. Breathing is the key to unlocking tension in the body. I have absolutely no doubt about this.
I cannot stress this point enough.

Finally and rather obviously, controlling weight and improving posture is essential to releasing lower back pressure.
Since I started walking up, I have noticed that my lower back has progressively become more of an issue. I have tried to eat relatively healthy in order to gain weight but it is certainly linked to. I am aware that my BMI is above the recommended 25 but given the increase in muscle mass it's a sacrifice that I am prepared to make.
A regular fitness plan with solid nutrition will be enough to help the average individual lose weight progressively and sustainably.
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