Ross Yeoman

Nov 22, 2017

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Better Workouts: Gym Machines

  • More efficient training
  • Simple ideas to get results

Gym workouts can be boring and that’s when it becomes completely counterproductive. On the other hand, knowing what to do and how to tinker with your routine will get you great results.

When starting in the gym, most people will predictably go for machines. Afterall, it has the stability, comfort and insurance proofing of not making a fool of ourselves. It was exactly what I did when I started and I had no idea about weight training.

Machines have a fixed plane of movement so there is far less to go wrong (and the gym is daunting enough).

As good as they are for starting fitness, there is a limit to success if you are using the same plan every workout. Periodisation should be included in your planning (see previous blogs for more on this). Here are my thoughts on how to improve your machine based exercises…

1) Slow it down

Timing under tension (aka slowing down your repetitions) is guaranteed to build lean muscle. This idea is so simple, yet your average gym goer lifts weights too fast and with no real strain exerted on the muscle.

Take 4–5 seconds for each part of the movement (ie push and pull) and you’ll feel the benefit. I guarantee that even with fewer repetitions, you’ll gain more from your time in the gym by doing this!

2) One Sided

Performing exercises bilaterally (single limb) rather than unilaterally (both) can significantly improve your core strength by taking away stability.

It seems rather abstract to do it this but there are numerous machines that you can safely do this on. Examples include; leg extension, leg curls. Chest / shoulder press, most arms exercises and some rowing variations. It’s a safe way to improve your overall strength although your ego may take a hit with needing to lift lighter weights.

The key is to ensure that your strength is equal on both sides and this is tougher than it seems as most people are lop sided with their day to day routines generating predominant power.

3) Variety

Machines are good for general stability but the goal should be to progress as quickly as possible onto free weight exercises (as these work more muscles and provide greater stimulus to the body therefore getting better results).

Trying to incorporate routines like push:pull sessions. This is where one session is focused on pushing exercises and the next on pulling based exercises. Plans like this will keep the body guessing and speed up your body’s ability to adapt (thus making you stronger and leaner).

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Ross Yeoman

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