Creating a Fitness Lifestyle

Creating a Fitness Lifestyle

  • Side effects of fitness
  • Dedicating time to your wellness

As much as I love the gym, sometimes it can feel like a chore. This week, I had a moment when I realised that actually, spending multiple hours a week inside when the weather is nice outside does have benefits.

Sometimes it does feel like the gym sessions are merely for Vanity. This week’s however, I played the best round of golf I’ve played in probably over a decade. What made it even sweeter was the fact I could have and should have done better.

My game was a lot more consistent and it wasn’t so much as changing my Swing mechanics as changing my clubs. My consistency has been a bit of an issue but since I have started using this new equipment it seems to have nullified that.

No I’m not saying that all those hours spent indoor on sunny days and a borderline gym addiction wasn’t totally worth it but it’s certainly helped in the longer run.

Anyway, my score was 78 and that included multiple holes of double buggies. The fact that I can tell my gym training is working is down to the fact that I’m not consciously hitting the ball harder but I am hitting it further.

How I can tell that my gym plan is working is by the fact that I was able to reach the power five 478 yard or in two shots and make a birdie. This would not have been possible without strength training.

I don’t lie, it’s not always enjoyable and there are times when I have struggled but it is resoundingly worth it. This also applies to other aspects of life such as being able to perform daily tasks without as much physical exertion. Even though I work a physical job, I always make the time to go above and beyond and keep my body in good condition.

If I only give you one piece of advice it would be to invest in yourself and your health. You will definitely not regret results you get and you’ll be surprised in the ways in which it will help you.

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