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Well the weekend was certainly a busy one for me, hence no blogs last week.
Thursday was a shoulder workout then a game of football (first one in years), Friday was a workout and golf, Saturday: leg workout and golf again then Sunday was a 7 mile run.

I can definitely vouch for overtraining. The thing that hit me the most was the football, however. My first game in years and I could definitely feel my body being pushed to it's limit. Nonemoreso than the recovery from an ankle injury months ago, a firm pitch and ill-fitting boots.
As per most leg day sessions, it was two days after before it hit me hard: still legs, tight hamstrings and lethargy.

For a part time sportsman like myself, there are a few things you can do to lessen the pain

It all should start beforehand with stretching and a more robust warmup than I did! Ensure that you're moving on many planes, especially for the likes of football. Range of movement and speed are vital as part of the warmup.

Furthermore, there needs to be an acceptance of limitations. Those Gareth bale sprints the length of the pitch certainly burst my lungs but we're probably not advised given that my standard of cardio has been long, slow duration runs.

If you are undergoing a new sport or activity, it is always important to remember to stretch afterwards. Have an efficient cooldown routine which involves lowering the intensity and stretches at the conclusion.

It is important to remember that as you get older, challenging your body becomes more difficult. Whether it is more rotation or range, it will take it's toll.

Furthermore, ensure that you stay hydrated the following day. Immediately after exercise you should be looking to replenish the fluids that you have lost. Ideally you should have a nutritionally balanced meal afterwards.

Finally, remember that if your body is stiff and sore the following day, as much as it may seem counterproductive, you should be seeking to move as much as possible in order to get oxygen flowing around the body.

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