How to Lose Weight without Lifting a Weight: Simple Swaps

  • Simple changes, maximum effect

My main goal with RYPT was to create fitness that is sustainable, in moderation, enjoyable and also helps improve lives via education without taking short cuts!

Enlightening the actual truth about fitness is far more powerful than copying what other people do and hoping it works: understanding is the real deal breaker.

Lesson 6: Simple Swaps

Whilst essentially not being free, there are a couple of substitutions you can make to improve your health quickly and effectively.

These need not be painful or out of the routine of what you are already doing (which always helps).

Tea / Coffee

As much as we need a good cuppa, the high levels of caffeine can impact on our energy levels. Not only can this mean disrupting sleep but it can also affect concentration.

Changing for a cup or two of green tea is not only a positive step for reducing caffeine but it can also assist with clearing toxins from the body. This is a huge help when it comes to long term health as toxins (which can be stored as “free radicals”) can potentially lead to diseases in the body. Besides, there is normally a wide range of green tea flavours rather than just the bland usual taste.

Yes, if you are going for the green tea option. the taste can take some getting used to but after that, it’s a brilliant inclusion in the diet.


Having a sweet tooth can be a nightmare. Not only do you crave more and more but there seems like little alternative to the taste!

Including protein shakes as part of your nutrition (subject to having your nutrition evaluated by RYPT of course) can be a fantastic alternative. Leaving you feeling fuller for longer and often with a great taste too, these will provide a bridge until the next meal. Furthermore, when bought in bulk are also substantially cheaper per meal.

However, ensure that you need extra protein first: seek the assistance of a medical professional. Too much protein can be dangerous (plus unnecessary).


Alcohol can certainly make or break your nutritional planner. On the plus side, there are some healthy alternatives that you can make.

If you’ve ever googled how many calories are in a pint then you’ll know why this is a category on today’s blog! Not only that but with wine and spirits all easy to drink (and racking up calories quickly) it’s something to be aware of.

As a “healthier” option, gin and tonic contains the fewest calories of most mainstream alcoholic drinks. Again, it may take an adjustment of the palate but is worth considering.

I bet if you tallied up your calories from a night out (excluding food) you would be alarmed! Consider that 6 pints could potentially be your TOTAL calorific intake.


Pretty basic one here and it’s easy to achieve.

Changing your habits of driving short distances to walking will help you to feel better. Clearly it needs to be convenient but making it a priority is a start.

It really doesn’t need to be complicated to change your lifestyle and it should be enjoyable too. Walking can be fun (even listening to music or podcasts can be included). From there, once the fitness has improved it’s easier to progress onto other things too.

Above all, alterations should be steady, sustainable, enjoyable and moderated changes – the ethos of RYPT.

Remember, RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment! There are no fads or shortcuts, just facts.







RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!

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Ross Yeoman

Ross Yeoman

RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!

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