How to Lose Weight without Lifting a Weight: Stress

  • Simple changes, maximum effect

My main goal with RYPT was to create fitness that is sustainable, in moderation, enjoyable and also helps improve lives via education without taking short cuts!

Enlightening the actual truth about fitness is far more powerful than copying what other people do and hoping it works: understanding is the real deal breaker.

Lesson 8: Stress

Stress is something which undoubtedly affects everyone to some degree.

It plays a prominent role in health and wellness because it will impact your ability to lose weight.

Scientifically speaking, stress inhibits weight loss as an increase in cortisol means that the body begins to breakdown the tissue associated with healthy functions. You’d think that breaking down is good in this case, however we are talking about an inability to extract vital nutrients from food and any muscle gains being marginalised.

There are many things that can aggravate stress and this is on a personal level with our DNA being to trigger different responses. Fundamentally, we are either in a situation where we confront our grievances or we bottle them up. The latter being detrimental for a healthy lifestyle.

So if you’ve hit a plateau with weight loss ask yourself if you have addressed your stress.

In some instances, the stress of working out could be counterproductive! If you worry about training and the importance of doing what you don’t like, then you are in the same position as someone who overtrains.

The macho gym image of “go hard or go home” is outdated and it’s been proven that training to such a serious extent isn’t the best way. It should be structured around your lifestyle. If you are subjecting your body to nonstop exercise then sooner or later your immune system will suffer.

There are a couple of things you can do to deal with stress. Firstly you need to accept that it is an issue. Living in denial will only get you so far and it can be quite demoralising to admit that stress is an issue.

Confronting situations which cause stress will help diffuse your issues. It could be a pattern of things or a case of a predictable action followed by a response. Whatever triggers it take note – it could be something as simple as situation or even more pinpointed.

Reducing stress can be as easy as removing yourself from that environment. If you don’t then you are antagonising your stress.

If you can, also try to incorporate some relaxing activities into your routine like walking.

Stress primarily occurs when you get sucked into the vortex of everyday life whilst trying to more and more in less time. Take a step back.

Having a good routine to calm down and especially unwind before bed will certainly help.

(See also blogs on the App “Breathe” for more on this)

Ultimately stress will impact your nutrition and whether you wish to or not, you will crave unhealthy foods. Stress creates an impulse for short term fixes and sugar is normally paramount to this. Another reason to be more mindful.

It’s the all round implications that stress has on your lifestyle, energy, health and wellbeing. Most damagingly, you may not even know it’s implications.

Above all, alterations should be steady, sustainable, enjoyable and moderated changes – the ethos of RYPT.

Remember, RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment! There are no fads or shortcuts, just facts.







RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!

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Ross Yeoman

Ross Yeoman

RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!

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