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How often do you feel fatigued whilst working the 9–5? Or worse, how many lulls in energy do you get, yet can’t sleep at night? This series is aimed at helping you.

Lesson 2: Routine

Habit is an insanely powerful thing: once you have it, the brain can function without thinking. Yet, trying to start something can be a nightmare.

With less daylight, colder weather and the darker nights upon us, it’s tougher to summon up energy for anything let alone exercise. It’s a vicious cycle of lacking energy but not correcting it.

I find that going to the gym immediately after work is by far the most effective way for me to get results (as I am more awake than an early morning start) but find what works for you.

Habit is well enough but it’s only if you can see the reward. Why do we crave coffee or some of us a cigarette? It’s the instant feeling that it brings and not necessarily the process of it.

Similarly when it comes to exercise, it can take longer to see a discernible benefit but that’s not to say a session isn’t effective. Purpose is essentially the reason for creating a habit.

Without providing too much of a plug, the RYPT app works simply by providing a plan to follow with the experience of 7 years in fitness and a personalised plan behind it.

If you can integrate exercise into your routine then it will become a habit. Either working out on the way to / from work or even cycling / running there will make all the difference.

Plus remember if you are tracking your progress, then use a tapemeasure, not the scales (see earlier blogs)!

Not doing anything is the worst affliction of our age: heart disease, cardiovascular illness and diabetes are soaring as we become increasingly sedentary.

Do something about it: take control of your health and start today.

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