My Training Plan: December 2018

  • Tips for your training
  • What I’m doing to get results

As you’ll know if you read my blogs on a regular basis, changing your training plan (or periodisation) is a vital component of improving your fitness. Doing the same thing not only gets boring but stops getting results.

My training plan has followed the main structure although it can be beneficial to change things from my setup (eg training legs on Monday can ensure you get the equipment as everyone trains chest then)

I’m still following the general template…

Monday: chest workout

Tuesday: leg workout

Wednesday: back workout

Thursday: focus on nutrition

Friday: shoulder workout

Saturday: Run (60 mins endurance)

Sunday: Run (30 mins intensity)

The week is structured around the gym however, cardio is still important too. Even three times a week of resistance training is good for overall health and you certainly don’t need to spend your life in the gym.

The overall workout will be changing this month heading into January (in which a busier gym can bring it’s own challenges to setting a concrete plan).

I’ll be focused mainly on strength gaining exercises. The timing and rest periods of the routine will significantly change too.

From the superset routine of the last 12 weeks, with endurance and strength emphasis, this one is a lot more straight forward.

A strength gaining routine is built around lower repetitions and more rest.

The general setup is:

Exercise A consists of FIVE repetitions.

The rest between sets is 90–120 seconds with the weight increasing to maximal levels.

The total number of sets is five therefore making it a five by five workout.

Overall, to keep things structured, there will be 5 exercises (followed by supplementary ones at the end).

Strength gains are foremost and heavier weights is the best way to do this.

Disclaimer: this is a seasoned routine so please don’t attempt this without at least a good few months of gym routines under your belt due to the importance of technique.

This plan will incorporate an increase in calories to facilitate an increase in lean muscle gain I’ll be adding more between meals and then to the main meals, ideally looking to hit 3500–4000 calories per day initially.

The main essence of this routine is COMPOUND exercises so bigger muscle groups being involved as opposed to isolation exercises.

Therefore this routine would be suited to the likes of bench press, deadlift, rows, squats and overhead press to name a few.

Your isolation exercises like triceps or biceps work is more built for higher repetitions as these muscles generally cannot take as much strain.

These will certainly be added into the conclusion of the workout.

Learning and developing a gym plan over time is what gets you results. Expert guidance can certainly speed up the process.

RYPT is all about sustainability, motivation and enjoyment. If you do not have these three factors in your fitness plan, then it will be far less likely to succeed.

See what I can for your training plan today with a FREE, no-obligation consultation!




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