My Training Routine: September 21
* Tips from my training
* Changing my plan

True to form, I'm trying to change my training plan every eight weeks although this version has been belated.
Around this time of year I progress towards lactic acid training. This entails higher repetitions concluding sets which start with lower reps.

I have returned to a previous gym-based routine, albeit with substituting exercises for ones that I can do at home. Training at home means I have supersetted two rounds (back to back) to ensure muscle overload.

The origins of this training plan or based around the following exercises. The abbreviations are as follows:
BB barbell
DB dumbbell

I have substituted the barbell exercises for dumbbell exercises since I have these available at home. Other exercises I have improvised with the resistance bands and the TRX that I have at home instead of the cable pulley machine.

The first exercise is for 12 repetitions and the second exercise is 15 repetitions and the third one is 20. I will complete these then return to the start (like a circuit).
This double set, or four times though is repeated three times.

Performing two exercises back-to-back is not only time efficient but it ensures that you get a fantastic workout through muscle overload.
It is simple and very effective. I would not advise this routine for a raw beginner but for and intermediate level individual, it is sufficient.

Day one chest and triceps:
DB chest press
DB chest Flyes
BB decline bench

BW Press ups
BB bench
BW close grip bench

BB incline press or Incline press machine
DB overhead tricep extension
BW dips

Day two legs :
BB straight leg deadlifts
DB calf raises
BB squats

DB straight leg deadlifts
DB single leg lunges left

Sumo squats
Split squats left / right
Calf raises

Day three back and biceps:
BB mid row
DB rear Flyes
DB single arm row each side

Machine row each side
Machine row both together
Seated bicep curl

Barbell bicep curl
Bicep curls
DB tilted row

Day four shoulders and arms :
DB seated Shoulder press
DB side raise
DB close grip bench

Seated tricep dips
OB upright row
DB front raises

Cable pulley delt raises
Cable pulley straight bar shrugs

The regime still involves seven days a week of training:
Monday: Chest and Triceps
Tuesday: Back and Biceps
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Abdominal training
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: 60 minute run
Sunday: Legs and Abdominal circuit (60 minutes)

As I’ve said often, it really is about personalisation; duration, intensity, structure, exercises etc. If you can incorporate the RYPT ideology of sustainability, moderation and enjoyment, then you’re onto a winner.

The RYPT 60-page beginner's home workout plan is available with a day by day plan, contact me directly.

RYPT is built around sustainability, moderation and enjoyment. Through the RYPT app, you will be guided every step of the way and have full support too.

If you have any questions about health, fitness, wellbeing, exercise or nutrition please contact me directly for help!

Owner RYPT.

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Ross Yeoman

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