New Year? New Me?

  • Tips for resolutions: don’t

It’s January the first and you’re debating how you can change and / or improve your life, what will you choose? Abstain from chocolate, alcohol, maybe both? Perhaps you are planning a rigorous gym routine. Whatever it is, stop! Take a deep breath and think it through.

I heard a psychologist on the radio today saying that ¾ of resolutions fail by the 11th February. That’s not even six weeks, so clearly something is broken.

When it comes to planning, evidently we set the bar too high and I would include myself in that category. Your goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constrained. These are pretty straight forward but almost too obvious.

Going cold turkey on anything is a risk, so it’s far better to use it in moderation and as a reward. Having this goal orientated mindset will ensure that you have a more sustainable approach. The key is simply to create a routine that encourages CONSISTENCY and discourages aversion. I guarantee if you follow that, then the rest is easy.

Above all, start slowly and progress into your routine. Doing too much will mean that you crash and burn or end in injury, neither is fun. Furthermore once you quit, the next time is twice as difficult to begin. So be sensible, take it slowly and ENJOY it.

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Ross Yeoman

Ross Yeoman

RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment through health and wellbeing coaching. Personalised Online Fitness coaching. RYPT will get YOU results!