Ross Yeoman

Jul 11, 2021

2 min read

Nutrition for Muscle Gain
* Tips for bulking
* Getting over a plateau

Now gaining weight is probably not something that's traditionally talked about by a fitness coach. However, the past 18 months has involved my sole aim of increasing muscle mass and size.

There are two schools of thought on this. Whether you can eat healthily and still gain weight, at a slower pace. Alternatively, prioritizing calories over where they come from will be faster.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase protein intake. If you can incrementally add to your calorific intake each day then obviously you will increase in overall mass.
For me this has become the hardest part. There will become the stage where you plateau and it can be increasingly more challenging to overcome this hurdle.

Obviously, a balanced nutritional plan is the best way. You should not neglect fruit and vegetables despite their low calorific value. If you nearly binge on unhealthy, high energy foods then not only will it be unsustainable but results will fluctuate massively depending on training.

Ultimately, restrictions on food types and groups become loosened when your goal is to gain more size but you shouldn't lose sight of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Another way to catalyse your process is to restrict the amount of overall cardiovascular exercise.
You can see what I'm driving at here, the equation of calories out vs calorific intake. If you can change the balance more towards calories in, then clearly your body mass will increase, the extent to which depends on your training routine and overall health.
It is a slow process but doing things the correct and healthy way is more beneficial.

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