Return of the Gym: Beginner’s Tips
* Feel more comfortable with your training
* Maximise your results

Monday will see the return of the gym for many people. Whilst this is a milestone, it’s important to take things at the correct pace.

For many, it will be a case of trying to continue where we left off, however there are dangers of overdoing it and risking injury. The tendency is to to restore past glories and try to exercise at the same intensity, left as heavily and trainer as hard. This is certainly not advisable if you have been training at a lower fitness threshold for the past year. The most important tip is to leave your vanity at the door and to train at a comfortable intensity, at least initially.

Regressing your fitness plan to an easier routine with simpler exercises and lighter weights is essential. Muscle memory is easily lost but returns quickly.

Furthermore, you should be following an enjoyable plan, one that is achievable and has a set outcome. Monitoring your progress along the way is the only way to do this. I would certainly advocate a new plan from the start and one that you can progress quickly.

If you can maintain a consistent fitness plan you will achieve far more than starting off at too high of an intensity.

Personally, I will be training at home for the foreseeable future having invested in home gym equipment but there will come a time when I will be looking for heavier resistance.

Many people will have adjusted their fitness routines throughout the lockdowns. For some, they may not even return to a gym and continue with outdoor exercise or home fitness. This is perfectly fine. You need to find out what works for yourself.

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