Running Guide Week 4 / 12

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Four weeks down and I’m sure you’ll have noticed that last week was a bit tougher. Thankfully the nights are getting lighter as the running season begins officially.

Well to anyone who ran the Inverness half marathon last weekend too.

It’s almost light enough to get a run after work in the daylight now.

It makes a huge difference to energy levels too.

This weekend I crammed in a sprint session on Saturday, gym on Sunday and I’ll get a longer run in today at some point.

Running is great as it can be designed around you or part of your lifestyle. Other workouts take time to prepare, travel, organise and so on.

As always the RYPT running guide can be varied for your own goals. This week, I also suggest that you try multiple runs through the week.

Here we go…

Run one:

This week’s primary run is a mixture of different concepts.

Warmup with a brisk walk / light run for five to ten minutes. Enough to get the heart rate up and the muscles loosened.

I) Time Trial – 5 minutes

Using a tracking watch or app, simply as far as you can get in five minutes. Also not the distance for next week.

II) Tabata – 4 minutes

You may require a rest before trying this lung bursting exercise.

You’ll need a higher pace for 20 seconds then a light recovery pace for 10 seconds. Complete this eight times.

This takes getting used to so be advised not to go flat out from the start!

Regression – slow the pace down with sprints.

Progression – 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off!

III) Hill climb – 10 minutes

Plan the route out so that there is a hill nearby.

A slow steady hill climb should be the next part of this run. You should be able to get the breath back too.

Progression – faster pace / interval sprints.

IV) Recovery

Light jog back down the hill or steady 10 minute run.

Progression: for distance

V) Sprint intervals – 20 minutes

Couple of different options for this one.

Basic: one minute sprint / two minute recovery (jog or light walk)

Advanced: three minute sprint / one minute jog

Repeat five times.

VI) Distance

Final part of this run is to build up the distance.

Basic option: ten minute steady pace to the conclusion of this run.

Advanced: 20 minutes for distance aiming to keep the speed up for the duration.

(Overall Regression: break into component parts with rests between.

Progression: complete with longer durations for each part or multiple times through).

The other runs this week…

Run two for distance so ensure you have time and plan a route.

Run three: hill sprint based so shorter but higher intensity. Get the heart rate up with the sprints and a light jog between to bring the heart rate down. Alternatively substitute this run for completing the main run of the week again.

Running tip: Nutrition

As much as I don’t agree with calorie counting, when it comes to running, it’s vital to maintain intake of food.

Not eating enough is common and leads to atrophy of the muscles.

As I mentioned last week, I used to avoid eating post running and had to work to change my habits. Eventually I built up an appetite after running allowing me to recover faster. This was notably due to increasing my consumption of protein.

I would advise at least having a glass of milk after running to assist with recovery. If you don’t get enough protein, it can take more than a couple of days to get over the last run.

If your goal is running to maintain muscle mass, this should be a primary consideration. Furthermore, your runs should be more sprint based to utilise your muscle fibres extensively.

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