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10 Reasons to start

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10 Reasons to Start Weight Training

Weight lifting has a perception of being a manly pursuit with an over enthusiastic dedication. This is not the case, as times change all different types of men and women seek to change their physique by lifting weights.

Like anything in life, there are extremes and obviously if you are lifting three times your bodyweight whilst consuming over 4,000+ calories a day then you will gain weight / bulk. However, for the most part gaining muscle is one of the hardest things to do albeit one of the most rewarding.

So continuing the trend of last week's blog, here's ten reasons to start pumping iron.


For a gym based weights plan, you definitely need structure. Knowing what exercises to perform and in what order takes the kind of preparation that will ensure you change your lifestyle and get healthier.


As much as last week's blog praised the impact of running, it won't do anything to sculpt your body.

Weight training will ensure you “tone up” as much as that is not necessarily what occurs. You will gain lean muscle mass and have healthier bones / joints in the process.


Lifting weights is like a microcosm for getting fit. The progression will be a lot faster than running as you can see set-by-set strength gains.

This is both rewarding and addictive. The antithesis of getting healthier is stagnation.


Training in the gym can be more sociable than running. This is mainly due to the fact that you can actually breath when training.

It also has the double advantage of ensuring that you can have your technique checked and support you lifting a bit heavier. This is besides the added motivation factor!


Gym training is not something that can be done in isolation: it requires a plan of attack and a mentality to excel. Having this dedication is what will accelerate your strength gains, confidence and wellbeing.

Being adaptable to learning new methods, exercises and ideas is pivotal. In turn, it opens your eyes to the possibilities available with fitness which can lead to a new career, mindset or goals.


The gym can be daunting and don't get me wrong, it's not for everyone. However, if you can get over the initial couple of sessions then you'll be rewarded with fantastic results.

Fitness in general will definitely toughen up your overall outlook on life and is an admirable trait to have. If you have time to look after your own health then you’re in a positive position with regards to other aspects of your life.


It's often the case that you will feel inferior in the gym compared to the other people training there. However, in my opinion, the people there are not reflective of overall society. As a result, after you get into a training, you'll very often pick up compliments and have others notice your progress.

Therefore, don't feel disheartened in the gym because any progress is better than none at all and the gym doesn't accurately reflect where you should be at fitness-wise.


Unlike running (or most cardio), in the gym you'll never be bored or stuck for ideas. There are hundreds of variations, exercises, sets, repetition or alterations available.

Basically, it's far easier to progress and regress exercises based on your ability level than doing cardio.

The variations will always keep it enjoyable and interesting besides simultaneously getting you results. It’ a win-win situation.


“But weight training causes injuries” I hear you say: false. Lifting too heavy weights with incorrect form will cause injury. I can honestly say that in over a decade of weight training, I've had one serious injury (and that was when running on tarmac and twisting my ankle),

Weight training will improve your bones, joints and muscular strength whilst warding off the injuries related to a sedentary lifestyle (in which aches and pains are far more prevalent).

Resistance training will improve your posture and reduce back pain (associated with sitting for long periods). Fact.


Stress is an unnatural build-up of tension and it can result in anger if not dealt with.

Either you can use this pent up rage for good or can let it brew. Releasing tension through exercise is a great way to feel better about yourself and often after a session you'll wonder why you felt so stressed.

Working out brings you back into the present moment (where this is fundamentally no stress). Often we get ahead of ourselves and worry about things that will never materialise.

This aspect of mindfulness is something that I blog about regularly and is as vital your health as the physical side. So check out previous RYPT blogs for more.

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