RYPT Beginner’s Health Guide Stage 8

Comprehensive Beginner’s Weight loss plan

Small change for big results

In conjunction with the “Lose Weight without Lifting a Weight” blog series, it will be targeted at basic fitness levels.

Helping people to change their lives if fundamental to RYPT and at the beginner stage it’s far easier to have an impact.

From a level of minimal fitness, this series aims to build you up towards a sustainable weight loss plan and would be what I would advise with all new clients.

Standard practice: find a measuring method that motivates you! It could be a tapemeasure (for waist and hips), bodyfat percentage (either scales or otherwise) or a basic fitness test. I’ll let you decide.

Let’s build on last week’s suggestions (you’ll find them in here too)

Week Eight



2 litres of water per day (minimum).

Monitoring caffeine levels will assist greatly.

Alcohol – this is a huge one and a struggle for most people so I’m not going to suggest wholesale changes. If you’re trying to lose significant weight then talking time off alcohol will help: this could be two weeks or a month but it’s definitely worth cutting those calories.

Plus increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is a vital ingredient to digestive health.

Eating fish three times per week will also improve your skin and joints health.

Besides this, it an easy and quick way to plan a meal. Simply add rice and vegetables for a lunchtime meal. Whatever your goals are, balance is the key so remember to use variety.

Adding more basic exercise: it cannot be stressed enough that exercise and eat better are both needed for an all round improvement in health. Hopefully by this stage you have incorporated both into your routine by now but looking to keep active should be seen as lifestyle choice. Things like walking more, cycling, swimming, sports or whatever you enjoy is vital to the process.

Basic exercise and a reduction of salt intake (normally found in processed foods / snacks) is the best advice here.

Food shopping:

Being aware of food labels is an easy way to stay in control of your nutrition. Watching out for anything that is excessive is a simple way to improve your overall health.

Further more, having a routine with your shopping as in knowing where you are shopping and the shop layout will also help you from deviating away from your plan.

Added extra: never do a full food shop when you’re hungry: it’s a recipe for disaster and buying lots of sugary foods.



ensuring a minimum of seven hours sleep per night

Adding. to this, have a consistent routine before bed. Having a bath, reading or whatever it is, ideally it should involve at least 30 minutes prior without being in front of a screen of any kind.

Relaxing is a vital ingredient to a healthy lifestyle and without this, future weeks will become tougher.

See how this improves your quality of sleep.

Furthermore, using the free app Sleepcycle, you can wake up when you’re feeling the freshest rather than just when an alarm tells you. These apps are brilliant for improving your quality of sleep and also for analysing too. If you have a restless nights sleep, these apps will tell you exactly when and provide suggestions for how to improve.

Review and adapt: by continuing to use the app you’ll be able to check when you sleep best and review pre-sleeping habits. You’ll soon see, for example, that using technology or a bright screen before bed will impact you ability to switch off.

A quick tip for losing weight is to ensure you get a solid eight hours (or as close to solid as possible!) It will decrease your stress levels and with regular exercise your recovery will also improve.

Dealing with stress will assist improving the quality of your sleep. One app that I would highly recommend is Headspace. It is a simple introduction to mindfulness and will help you to clarify your thoughts and also remove any lingering stress which is fantastic to get a better nights sleep.

It’s a simple concept and not as intense as meditation besides it only takes ten minutes.



Hitting 10,000 steps should now be attainable and realistic. Throwing in a day or two of more than this (perhaps 12,000 or 15,000) is perfect to improving your wellness. Trust me, you’ll feel great.

Remember; big things start with small steps!

This week. Let’s begin to push for 12,000 steps consistently plus two day a week of moderate cardio (eg swimming, cycling, intense walking, sports or running). You will feel so much better after this and it becomes incredibly addictive.

Going from a position of two moderately intense cardio days, adding one higher intensity session (where you get a sweat on) is the next step.

Ensure that this is something you enjoy and push yourself to about 7 / 10 maximum effort. However, ensure that you are comfortable at all times

Increase your intense exercise to around 90 minutes per week. This could be 2–3 sessions of relatively high intensity of broken down further depending on your fitness goals. It really is up to you but you need to aim to progress.

Bodyweight exercises should now be included in your routine. These should be basic and aimed at developing strength. If you need help, the RYPT has a tailored exercise routine for beginner’s. Even the most basic level of fitness will feel at home with these plans.

It becomes vital to increase your energy levels as you go. This is done through building up the exercise that you do. Steadily progressing upwards is the best way to change your body. Doing the same exercise / classes / routine soon loses it’s effectiveness and then the motivation drops.

If you’re looking to increase your cardiovascular levels, see the RYPT website for a full running guide and how you can improve your health from even the most basic level of fitness.



I sometimes struggle to get enough fruit and vegetables in daily but I’ll ensure that my lunch and snacks are packed for work in advance.

Meal preparation:

Having a routine for your meals is vital. Guessing and making it up as you go will not work.

Take an extra 15–20 minutes from your week to properly plan your food shop. Not only will it be healthier but your weekly shop will be much faster too.

Ensure you are eating every three hours throughout the day to assist with digestion and energy levels. Having inconsistent and unplanned meals is detrimental to weight loss particularly. Also, not knowing when you will eat next will disturb concentration and energy.

Working to a rainbow of different fruit and veg will improve overall health, ensuring that you get a range of vitamins and minerals. Eating the same fruit / vegetables is good to a certain extent but variety is definitely the key to success. Throw vegetables into your meals or supplement your day with extra fruit as snacks for maximum effect.

Let’s not forget that treat meals (not “cheat” meals) are important too. Eating only healthy foods is great but having an incentive like a night out or a nice meal is brilliant for making you train harder and go for that extra session which you would have otherwise missed.

Trace minerals and vitamins are essential to ensure overall wellness. In the modern diet, food is being stripped of content so this becomes even more important. Ideally through your own nutrition but if not, vitamin tablets are an alternative. Without these, everything from skin to energy levels will be affected. If you’re using the myfitnesspal app then you should have an idea of what your current levels are and if you need to improve.

Remember, you will need at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day for optimal health.

If you need assistance, request an RYPT online Nutritional Evaluation and let me help you get healthier.

Moving into week seven, I would advise trying tweaking and experimenting with what world fit you by incorporating into your routine.

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