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RYPT Health: 5 Traits of Weight Gain

  • Avoid these habits to slim down
  • Basic behaviours to help

Gaining weight is far easier than losing it. However, when it comes to reducing the waistline, it is easier to amend the habits rather than what you consume (which in the case of most of my clients, is generally healthy anyway).

So here are a couple of hints and tips to help.



Eating at irregular intervals is not good if you wish to lose weight. Having a sporadic and unpredictable nutrition plan is one way that will ensure you do not progress with your fitness goals. This normally leads to binge eating and naturally unhealthy choices.

A nutritional plan is a fantastic way to ensure that you prioritise eating rather than merely guessing what to eat next

Having a challenging working day will make this more difficult, however ensuring that you have the right foods (even fruit or a cup of nuts) will help curb your appetite whilst giving you energy.


if your main meal through the day consists of a takeaway, then this could be a factor attributing to weight gain. Foods that are high in fats and salt will drastically increase your waistline and be detrimental to your health in general.

I understand that making time for lunch can be a challenge particularly if you work a diverse job. On the other hand, preparing food the evening before (or buying healthy foods in advance) will save time and improve your wellness.

Foods that are higher in fats will affect your concentration, cravings, energy and hydration.


This is normally my biggest concern when it comes to client's food diaries. If you're consuming vast amounts of fizzy juice, alcoholic drinks or sugary additives, then these will accumulate and could hamper your efforts to get healthier. Even fruit juices can be high in sugar

It is only once you read the label that you realise how much sugar is actually added to these drinks and what proportion of the recommended daily allowance that it encapsulates.

This, similar to the last point will lead to cravings throughout the day.


By very definition, treats or something that should be used infrequently. These should be used to enhance your own training by providing added incentive. If you're consuming sweets, crisps and confectionery on a regular basis than the calories will soon add up.

This is not to be a party-pooper, however I have seen numerous food diaries that will be otherwise excellent, spoils by sugary treats on a regular basis.


Obviously, losing weight is a multitude of factors over a longer term. There are a couple of smaller things that can impact the results and catalyzes your progress. One of these is water consumption and it is something that is frequently ignored.

If you don't drink 2 litres of water per day I suggest you give it to try. You may be shocked by how much this actually feels, yet how achievable it can be to build into a routine.

The easiest way to do this is to keep a 2 litre bottle of water at your desk (or carry it about with you). water has numerous advantages including filtering the excess salt out of your body and also removing toxins in a quick manner.

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