RYPT Mindset Corner: Festive

  • How to succeed in your fitness goals
  • Five tips to negate the festive season

Mindset is as important as the physical training when it comes to fitness. Not only that but it’s even easier to adapt and make a healthy lifestyle more achievable.

This week: New Year

First things first, this blog was inspired by a fantastic piece of marketing (that so brilliant I wouldn’t even classify it as that).

It was an advert for DW which encapsulates much of my thinking. Essentially, this advert was encouraging people not to wait until the New Year to get fit but gave a plethora of reasons why you should start NOW.

If you follow me, you’ll know that I specialise in beginner’s fitness, therefore New Year is a popular time. As much as I’m against the whole fitness movement for the sake of it, should it change people’s lives them I’m all for it.

There’s a whole mindset that revolves around this time of year, hence why I’ve dedicated a blog to it.

You have the season of excessive food and drink following by people going “cold turkey” in January.

I should clarify that I’m all for enjoying yourself at Christmas and I’ll justify this later on.

My concern is that people who haven’t exercised in a long time overindulge and then attempt to go from 0–100 in such a short space of time with their activity levels.

Life is about moderation, however Christmas is a time when it’s important to enjoy the company of others. I wouldn’t advise sacrificing your enjoyment for the sake of a couple of extra calories. However, when it becomes days / weeks of excess then the thought of transitioning to a normal routine becomes so much more challenging.

Trying to push the body to it’s limit without prior conditioning is a recipe for disaster. I could provide so many examples of this. It doesn’t matter how fit you were 2–3 years ago, steady is definitely the way forward.

You see how long it takes people to train for marathons, these don’t happen overnight.

If you can progress at a natural rate then there’s no reason why results won’t be fast anyway. From no activity to one or even two gym sessions a week is 100% improvement anyway.

If you’re a “Resolutionist” who falls off the bandwagon every year, then perhaps it’s time to get some professional support. After all, what would somebody who has worked in fitness for 8 years know about people enjoying themselves and getting fit quickly?

So before we lunge head-on into the festive season, here are five tips for minimising the damage and coming out healthier into 2019…

> Drink lots of water. Stay well hydrated during the season, especially if you’re drinking heavily. At least two litres of water per day (add diluting juice if needed)

> Add lots of vegetables: ensure that the greens don’t get ignored to assist with bodily function

> Never underestimate exercise. A quick 10–20 minute walk can assist with clearing the cobwebs.

> Monitor the caffeine: taking time off work is the ideal opportunity to curb any excessive tea / coffee consumption to improve energy levels

> Plan your year ahead. Whatever motivates you; if that’s booking in events, gym classes, workouts, swimming etc. Make it happen and plan it out.

These ideas will help reduce the impact of an overly indulgent Christmas but it’s up to you to make the conscious decision to change your life.

The RYPT app is cheaper than you may think, despite providing all the help and support that you would expect from one to one fitness coaching.

Don’t delay, begin before it’s too late and what better reason than a FREE, no commitment, four week Fitness Furnace plan. Just message me for more information.

Ross Yeoman

RYPT Owner




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