RYPT Mindset Corner: Pain

  • How to succeed in your fitness goals
  • Avoiding pain problems

As a new addition to the RYPT online blogging, I have decided that I will be looking at one idea of psychology each week and reviewing how it can help with your fitness.

This week: Pain

Pain is one of the most important factors in our lives. It’s what stops us from doing things and sometimes doesn’t (when it should). It’s ironic that I write this as I’m about to get my tooth extracted at the dentist.

Pain is essentially our body’s way of telling us that it has been pushed too far. Essentially a punishment and a reminder not to do it again.

In the emotional sense as much as the physical! We quickly learn our lesson.

Physical pain can be horrible: I hate not being able to workout due to a restriction. Admittedly, this doesn’t happen as much now (that I’m working out on a regular basis).

It’s around this time of year that muscles get pulled and injuries occur more frequently. This is a mixture of people not being prepared for what they are doing and not warming up correctly.

Notably when it comes to beginner’s fitness, if you try to push the body beyond it’s capabilities then there may be resistance. Building up strength takes time and trying to lift something that is unrealistic will not help your long term aspirations.

It’s no wonder that the most common injuries occur in the arms and the back. Consider what would be the most strained muscle(s) in the routine of modern society. Sitting at a desk and typing is completely averse to the normal human position of waking.

Whilst it’s great that people try home workout DVD’s or do their own thing, there is no comparison to understanding the importance of the speed of progression.

Naturally we get impatient with progress and try to push further. However, with expert guidance we are then assured that we are doing the right thing.

If you do experience pain, then it’s the body way of telling you that rest is needed. Training though pain is a dangerous game (I’ve done it and got the wounds to prove). If your niche involves an intense training schedule or a predominant muscle group eg running then it can be a lot more difficult to rest. Sacrificing this find do rest (and put energy into other areas like meal prep) will stand you in good stead.

It can feel like you are sitting on your hands when not training but putting it into perspective will help; aggregating an injury will result in much longer out.

Postural issues are a huge concern for this generation. There are plenty back exercises in the home / gym you can do which will drastically reduce injuries. Repetitive Strain Injury risk can be reduced significantly by strengthening key muscles.

Pain can also manifest from past experience eg if you feel like the gym is place where you are intimidated or lost. This should not be the case as RYPT can provide guidance to fully educate you on how to train effectively. If your gym was dimly light or you felt that the people there were intimidating then this can also influence your subconscious opinion.

At the end of the day, you need to do what’s best for yourself (and sometimes a bit of effort is required) but remember that slow and steady wins the race.

If you want guidance then RYPT is here to assist.

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