From 10km to Marathon

  • YOUR weekly beginner’s training plan

Week 4 is solely about trying to improve speed. .

Numerous runs throughout the week would be advantageous if possible. By doing this consistently, recovery will improve as does distance.

As always the RYPT running guide can be varied for your own goals. This week, I also suggest that you try an even split of basic distance and interval training.

For example…

Monday: high intensity interval

Wednesday: Rest

Friday: distance

Saturday: rest

Sunday: high intensity plus distance

Here we go…

Main run…

One incorporated a few goals along the way so it helps if you have an app or watch for pacing.

Warmup with a brisk walk / light run for five to ten minutes. Enough to get the heart rate up and the muscles loosened.

I) Distance for time – 8 miles

Using a tracking watch or app, simply as far as you can get in 8 miles. Also note the distance for next week. Time per mile should get progressively faster.

II) Tabata – 4 minutes (x2)

You’ll need a higher pace for 20 seconds then a light recovery pace for 10 seconds. Complete this 8 times at 80% intensity.

This takes getting used to, so be advised not to go flat out from the start!

Regression – slow the pace down with sprints.

Progression – 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off!

III) Fartlek – around 20 minutes

This is a Swedish style of running that is completely random. Basically mix random length sprints with short recoveries and some longer running too.

Progression – faster pace / interval sprints eg one mile fast then one intermediate pace.

IV) Steady recovery

A steady pace for 5 – 10 minutes as a recovery. Walk if necessary.

V) optional: Distance for time – 8 miles

Couple of different options for this one.

Basic: sprint one mile, jog one mile and so on.

Advanced: two mile sprint, one mile recovery

Alternative: pace for 8 miles

VI) Optional Hill sprint

Sprints should be targeted on a steady hill climb. Ideally sprint up (150–200m) then jog back down.

This should be repeated 3 or 4 times.

Bringing it from here into a steady jog.

Cool down and rest (with mixture of stretches targeting lower body).

Ideally, this type of run should be completed twice in the seven day rotation with the other runs being focused solely on interval training.

Tip of the Week: Energy drinks

High sugar, high caffeine energy drinks are all the rage at the moment but should you use them for training?

In my experience (and with marathon running) I wouldn’t advocate these.

In my opinion, the perceived energy boost is nullified over longer distances as the sugar / caffeine wear off.

Even with the likes of “isotonic” sports drinks, it’s nothing that an effervescent vitamin C tablet and some water can’t do (also much cheaper). Choosing the right nutrition is vital – there will be numerous more blogs coming up on this in the next few weeks so look out.

The RYPT app has hundreds of exercises which can be included in your personalised plan as part of the membership package.

Give it a test for free today and you’ll be surprised!

Fitness challenge of the Day is now finished on RYPT Facebook page but you can still catch all the challenges on there. Lookout for the next monthly competition and other fitness incentives.





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