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RYPT Training: Beginner’s Cardio 101

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Beginning cardiovascular exercise can be a traumatic experience at the best of times. I remember my first steps into fitness and it was after a 5-a-side game of football which involved a near death experience and bursting lungs after 20 minutes! Granted that it didn’t help that i failed to pace myself but still…

The first steps in fitness will make or break a routine — that is a certainty. For most people, this involves a vicious cycle:

Begin a fitness plan > Fail to moderate the intensity > Become dissappointed with either the results or the perceived lack of progress > Quitting the plan.

Fitness shouldn’t be impossible! From the start you should regulate the intensity. After all, an average training session is better than none at all!

One of the best tips for beginning fitness is to use a sliding scale of intensity. This way you have a transferrable indication of intensity.

1–2 Very light exercise, barely breaking a sweat eg light walking

3–4 Heart rate is up slightly but manageable. Slow steady duration exercise would fall under here eg light cycling

5–6 moderate; aware of exercise and breaking into sweating eg a jog

7–8 Intensity is up, sweating and breathing more profusely. Intermediate sprints would be associated with this range eg sports sprinting

9–10 Full on sprinting. Breathing becomes a challenge, near maximal intensity eg 100m sprint

This is a very useful tool to gauge where you are and how far you are from the intended goal.

When training clients one-to-one this is a vital tool to use. If someone is pushing too hard, especially as a beginner, then they must moderate it.

Training at too high an intensity (when not conditioned to it) will lead to light-headedness and even fainting. I’ve seen it in the past in gyms and therefore realise how important moderated exercise is.

When starting fitness, you should be looking for something that you enjoy and can be progressed at your pace. Cycling, swimming, jogging and gym based classes / cardio are all sensible options.

My advice would always be to make the first session very easy. Often it is a case of a mental block prohibiting you from starting, therefore once you are over that hurdle, it becomes so much easier to get into the routine.

Workout > Routine > Repetition

Once you have a plan that is sustainable, the results will follow. Enjoyment is most important, much in the same way that if you enjoy your job, you get more out of it, if you thrive when exercising then it’s easy to get results.

The tips in this blog are not revolutionary (and I make no apology for that) however, following it through is the most challenging part and there are no words that I can provide here to make you change your lifestyle. My only advice would be to try getting fit, see how enjoyable and addictive it becomes and thank me later!

RYPT offers full support through nutritional guidance and training plans (all accessible and provided with a free consultation). Whatever your end goal; RYPT can help you reach it with sustainability, moderation and enjoyment.

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