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* When 9–5 makes eating tough

  • 5 Snacking options to keep focused…

Working in an office can be difficult when it comes to eating!

Even finding time to eat can be an issue, so here are a few options for snacking on the go.

Working is one the main reasons why people fail to hit their fitness goals and for me, eating enough can be an issue (with cycling to work then going straight to the gym afterwards).

From personal experience, here are some quick and easy options that could help you.

1) Bags of food

These can be more accessible (especially when you’re starving). Nuts and seeds are fantastic for eating on the go. I would advise trying to find sufficient time to eat before shovelling food down but it’s not always practical.

With nuts, ideally not roasted or salted would be my suggestion. Apart from that they are numerous options available in supermarkets (although some are more expensive).

I find that almonds, macadamias and peanuts are most accessible.

In terms of fats the red labels put many people off but be assured that it is omega 6 (good fats) and nothing to fear.

More supermarkets are advertising these in prominent areas especially high street ones.

Definitely worth looking into if you have sugar cravings!

2) Soup

Although it requires a microwave, if you have time to make it, a delicious blend of vegetables will keep you warm too!

I find that it keeps me full for most of the afternoon and prevents me seeking more food.

As a healthy option it’s definitely recommended should it work for you.

3) Pots

I’m not talking about pot noodles! Asda used to sell cous cous pots of mixed vegetables (more delicious than it sounds) and it only required hot water!

These simple and accessible foods can be the solution to busy days where you can’t find time for a full lunch break.

Alternatively, the tendency can be to buy ready made sandwiches (which are normally higher in sugar and fat).

If it’s the lesser of two evils, it’s definitely worth looking at.

4) Fish

Not everyone’s favourite as it normally stinks out the staff kitchen!

If I have time, fish and rice is an excellent option for energy – definitely the most effective on the list. Normally, I use a tin of mackerel and microwave the rice. Simple yet effective.

Plenty protein and an all round meal if you can spare a few minutes – just remember the breath mints!

5) Cereal bars

Probably bottom of the list for the sheer amount of sugar in these!

If it’s a choice between not eating and these, it’s definitely the latter.

However, be mindful of the sugar levels in these.

They will certainly give you a perk up but may be followed by a sugar crash later on.

Moderation is the key and using a mixture of the above ideas should assist in staving off the sugar cravings!

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