The fundamentals of a beginner’s fitness routine

  • Make changes easier
  • Enjoy and succeed in fitness

I've often said that starting fitness is one of the most challenging things to do because it can be such a culture shift. That's why at RYPT, I always approach things from the ground up. Beginners should be applauded for starting!

There are a couple of things that you can do to make it easier for yourself. Getting active doesn't need to involve a massive shift in your lifestyle.

I founded RYPT on the basis of small, sustainable and enjoyable changes to create massive results.

One of the first things I'll advise new clients is to consume at least two litres of water every day. This aids digestion and body function plus helps with basics like concentration too. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference this will make (despite the regular toilet stops).

Buy a cheap flask at take it your workplace every day that will encourage you to drink a lot more and stay properly hydrated.

Next it becomes about getting enough fruit and vegetables. This can pose problems especially if you don't consume many. You need to look at the positives and how even a few portions will help your digestion. I love adding broccoli to dishes besides adding peppers and tomatoes to meals is easier when you cook for yourself.

Even if you need to start with three portions like an apple at breakfast, banana before training and vegetables with dinner, it's a very solid start.

In conjunction with this, I would advocate downloading the Myfitnesspal app. This is a one stop shop for your nutrition. As per my previous blogs, it will create you nutritional targets depending on you goals. Plus it's easy to monitor your intake even by scanning barcodes of the comprehensive database.

The first two tips don't even require exercise. How easy is that? No gimmicks just simple ideas.

When it comes down to exercise you need to create a realistic expectation. Don't start by thinking you'll train seven days a week. Start low and aim for 2-3 sessions.

These should also be light sessions so nothing strenuous it's just about enjoying and getting into the flow. Consistency is the main thing here.

When it comes to your training, it's important to get it right from the start. Don't just guess to create a routine as you'll waste so much time and energy. Speak to a professional for advice or try the RYPT app which is designed to be a personal trainer in your pocket. Full demonstrations and details of each exercise and routine in a user friendly manner will help you reach your goals even faster.

In terms of the exercises, even if you've worked out years, don't go streaming straight into the weights area. Take your time to build up your fitness and I would recommend using machines initially. Working on stabilisation will stand you well for when it's time to progress onto more challenging workouts.

We all know the perils of trying to workout at home owing to the fact that there are too many distractions and it's easy to skip. However, if home workouts are what you're aiming for then I would recommend a designated area with your kit. It's important to have the same intensity as you would in the gym.

Logging progress and a good stopwatch / clock become vital here too. Ultimately you need to find the routine that works best around your lifestyle. Even if that's cardiovascular exercise outdoors, morning walks or the gym, a personalised plan is undeniably the best way to progress quickly.

See how the RYPT app will become the most invaluable fitness tool in your arsenal by trying the latest promotional offer today. Details are available on LinkedIn, Facebook or email me directly.


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