The Importance of (Not) Being Idle

Ross Yeoman
2 min readApr 20, 2022


The Importance of (Not) Being Idle

  • Creating a healthy routine
  • Building results that will last

The past few months have seemed very strange. Today was my first gym session without wearing a mask around. Restrictions have finally been eased and I must say I’m slightly reticent (especially in restaurants and pubs). However life goes on and it’s important to reestablish a routine.

I can categorically state that attendance at the gym has fallen significantly in the last month: there’s no longer a wait for equipment, so if you’re eager to start now is your chance.

I am fortunate in the regard that my routine is stable. Rarely do I plan a day without fitness at the forefront, although this does have negatives.

Having worked with clients, I know that life gets in the way and the most dangerous time is when one skipped session becomes two.

Should you be getting back on the fitness train, I would advise small doses, more often. Overloading your routine will lead to failure. It’s often around this time of year that motivation drops, so to keep chipping away at your goals is vital.

Failing that, reassess your goals and make targets specific. Time restricted goals that are based on your training performance eg weight lifted or distance run are more successful than body measurements.

Remember that you should be striving for a plan that is sustainable, moderated and enjoyable!

Having a plan is an essential way to make progress, particularly if you have an overarching system.

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