The importance of Resistance Training
* Supplement your routine
* Enjoy the benefits

As we approach a weekend of marathons, it reminds me of my years of training. Endless hours of pounding the pavements for years for one event. However, I wouldn't neglect my weight training.

Personally, I find resistance training to be the most efficient method to train your body to become more resilient and work harder. To most people, running and hitting weights are contradictory but this shouldn't be the case.

A well rounded resistance plan doesn't mean bulking up or consuming protein frequently. There is an outdated perception that hitting the weights means you'll be a bodybuilder.
My personal development did subsequently entail more focus on weight training and ultimately performing a full rotation.
My passion changed over time after years of running. I'm very thankful that I continued with gym sessions too because I'm starting to feel aches and I can guarantee these would have been worse otherwise.

Don't get me wrong, running is superb for keeping healthy but shouldn't be your sole weapon. Through using the same muscles and movements frequently it will lead to an increased risk of injury.
A weight training plan will strengthen your posture, muscles and joints allowing you to run faster.

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