“Think Differently and Achieve More”

  • How to do things more efficiently

Changing around my schedule has seen me make numerous improvements to my routine.

I used to blindly follow a plan, get frustrated and stressed with things that were controllable and end up hampering my progress.

It wasn’t until recently when I changed my plan of attack that I noticed the benefits. My perceptions were always that gyms are just too busy in the evenings and should be avoided (even at the detriment to my own progress by making sacrifices to compensate for this).

I was under this impression until I compelled myself to workout at busier times (which was due to working late).

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet my new gym was.

Furthermore, I have also altered my routine so that I now train on a Sunday and rest on a Monday (typically a stressful and busy enough day where I’m not guaranteed to finish on time). Not only is the gym quieter on a Sunday but I am guaranteed to get on the equipment that I need and enjoy it more: unlike on Mondays when everybody is training chest!

My routine now revolves around planning and organisation so that I am guaranteed to fit in four training sessions per week despite working 50 hours. I know my shifts so will plan in advance what nights I’ll hit the gym, if it will be on my day off or if I’ll wait for the weekend.

I appreciate that most people have family and friends to balance as well, however with a efficient routine there is no reason why you cannot achieve everything.

It has come with experience, that I know exactly what days will be busy in the gym and what equipment is quietest but being aware of this will certainly help with your planning and execution of a gym routine.

I am quite impatient and would rather my gym routines were shorter and more efficient plus in a less busy gym (if possible!)

Being smart about my routine is the way to accomplish this. Starting my workout week on a Sunday has drastically improved my motivation and enjoyment of my workout plan.

The same goes for cardio too. I find that if you are more motivated and plan your running around this. For example if you cannot find time on a certain day of the week, accept this and change your training to another day. Particularly with event training, 4–5 sessions will be a reality so try to vary your running plan, make some sessions shorter too and seek professional guidance.

Avoid disappointment by not setting your standards too high. Ensure these are achievable and you will get extra motivation from achieving them. Sometimes even going for a run is an achievement!

Regardless of what your training is, plan it out as foolproof as possible and then begin to go into detail.

In the past, I have set my goals for three workouts a week (besides cycling to work and other activities) which has seen me hit my targets.

Once exercise is part of your lifestyle, it becomes a priority rather than a nuisance. It’s now instinctive for me to pack my gym kit on certain days and if I do not know in advance of what the plan is then it generally goes out the window.

Preparation (and having lists on my phone) keeps me on track to get the best results.

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