Top Three Mistakes (Abdominal exercises)

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Common mistakes: Abs

Part of RYPT is about education and gelling beginners get into good habits in order to get better results.

We were all beginners at one stage so passing on wisdom is the least we can do to help prevent embarrassment and lost time.

In this week’s edition, the abdominals are one of the most overtrained muscle groups in the body. There are so many theories and practices, however in my opinion there are many ways to train more effectively


Training your core region doesn’t need to be complicated or supplemented to a training plan. Some of the best core exercises are movements traditionally performed as part of a strength routine. Things like deadlifts, squats, shoulder press and rows will all activate the core region.

It’s like the chicken and egg situation; without a strong core you can’t lift heavier but you need a strong core to achieve this. Working on bigger movements will develop your core region faster: fact.

Through targeting bigger muscle groups in the body, naturally you will be improving your core region without the need to spend excessive amounts of time on individual core exercises.

Further to this, you will achieve a lot more in a shorter space of time, rather than needing to isolate particular muscle groups. A well rounded gym plan will focus on the bigger movements in order to achieve a better overall physique, fat loss, muscle gain and general composition improvement.

Strength training especially will improve your waistline. Contrary to popular belief, excessive cardiovascular exercise is not the best way to lose weight. Developing the muscle is proven to make the body a fat burning furnace all day as the body works harder to retain muscle (put simply!)

Focusing solely on cardiovascular exercise will not reduce the waist line or specific areas of weight gain.

Resistance training is proven to assist with many more aspects of health than cardiovascular exercise.


The very nature of the exercises that you perform will dictate your success.

The correct balance of pushing and pulling based exercises will stimulate the entire upper body.

It is often the case that people who train the abdominal muscles on a regular basis fall into the category of those who target specific muscles in order to generate (in their mind) an isolated outcome.

However, if you merely focus in the anterior of the body, you are severely neglecting the power of the posterior to help you lift more efficiently.

Think about the imbalance caused if you target one muscle group. For example in the case of the abdominal muscles, overtraining would lead to a neglect of the back muscles and resulting in compromising your posture which is not good for long-term health.

Bones, joints and muscles are an intricate system which, if trained correctly will prove your movement, energy and lifestyle. On the other hand can lead to strain or injury if not treated correctly or with the right technique.


Targeting one region of the body on a regular basis is not ideal and could hamper progress in other areas.

Abdominal exercises are extremely common in the gym and I regularly see people doing the same things in the gym.

Due to the nature of the abdominal muscles, it doesn’t take much to engage them. So you can achieve more with less. Therefore, specific exercises and doing them at the finale of the workout is advisable.

If you’re trying to lose the belly, then training abdominals is not the way to go about it. The goal should be to get your body fat down so the abdominals are visible (circa 10% body fat). Therefore cardio and a strength plan are recommended.

As mentioned earlier, machines are ideal for beginners but progression is the name of the game.

Stabilisation and progression are guaranteed with machines but undoubtedly the best results occur in the free weights area. There are vast possibilities and wider ranges of movements available here.

Many people feel more comfortable with machines as these have a limited range and are easier to operate, However, an advanced plan will really release your potential. It’s like having a sports car but only every driving in it in second gear! See what you can achieve with full fitness support via the RYPT app…

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