Top Three Mistakes: Training After Work

  • Avoid these for better results

Common mistakes: TRAINING AFTER WORK

Training around a work schedule is something that is both challenging and rewarding. Here are a couple of hints that I’ve learned to get you better results.


Training after a long day at work is particularly gruelling. Trust me, I regularly train after 10 hour shifts and unless you’re in the habit, even finding motivation is tough.

However, some of the fatigue can be eliminated by ensuring that you’re getting the right nutrition. Fundamentally, you require enough calories in order to fulfil your work and surplus energy for the workout.

I often find that eating smaller amounts and more often is the best way to achieve this. Snacks like nuts and protein bars can’t go a long way to boosting energy.

At the end of the day, if you’re training then a few extra calories to get the boost required to train is necessary.

Without sufficient energy in, you will not be able to expend it on exercise. The fact is that most people who train don’t eat enough (due to worrying about weight) yet those who don’t train generally eat more than necessary.


If you’re training after a long day, especially an early start, then you need an exciting regime.

If you dread going to the gym then the tendency to skip it will be much higher.

Through working in gyms, I’ve known people who follow the same routine for months / years on end without fail but eventually the motivation and results will fail.

Regular changes and monitoring of results is essential. Without any marker of progress, even a comprehensive gym plan will fail. As humans, we are adept at changes and the body will transform quicker with new stimulus.

Once you see results then going for a workout (at the gym or otherwise) becomes a necessity rather than a chore.


I regularly blog about the importance of routine and this is vital here too.

If you can build a trusted routine then you are able to autopilot your week. For me, it’s driving straight to the gym after work without hesitation.

If you prefer a stop via home to refuel (and that works) then fair enough.

The goal of a workout should be to increase the intensity (not necessarily the duration) of the workout. By concentrating on tracking results you can achieve this. As cynical as it sounds, the goal of my workouts is to get finished as quickly as possible with maximal results.

Working out in the morning may suit some people better. I find that without sufficient calories before I train then the session is not as effective and eating early morning doesn’t always work for me.

Sporadic gym sessions are not only harder to plan but will not get results. Once you commit time to yourself, then you will see progress (as in point two).

Knowing that you will be training at a set day / time each week ensures that are committed to investing in yourself.

I’m 100% confident that these tips will help you!

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