Why Diet's are Misleading and What to Do Instead

  • The "Diet' Myth
  • How to use Proper Nutrition for success


If you read my blog two weeks, I made reference to the fact that not all calories are created equal. For example, 50 calories worth of an apple is different (and more) than 50 calories in a chocolate bar.

At the end of the day, calories are stored energy and when burned or broken down, they release this energy. Therefore it's important to match the calorific intake to a similar level of expenditure.

The challenging part becomes when you undertake physical activity or an active job, then you must add extra calories to your allowance. This seems counterintuitive for most people but it takes energy to make energy in the first instance. You should only ever dip 15% below your daily calorific intake in order to lose weight. Therefore it's vital to be strategic with your weight loss. There are so many fantastic, intuitive app that can help you along your fitness journey from the very start. My tip would be to start with Myfitnesspal as this is specifically designed to respond to your goals and targets. Furthermore, it's extremely simple and will keep you in check every step of the way.

I strongly believe that you should enjoy your lifestyle too. RYPT has always been about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment.

By using treats, they will motivate you to train harder plus enjoy them more. If you completely eradicate life's luxuries then you will eventually become hostile to a healthy regime (besides bored of it too).

You should never live your life watching calories as it breeds an unhealthy mentality about food. We require all kinds of nutrients to function and if you've been following the news you will know about the child who has been left partially sighted after having a very restrictive diet.

An obsession with numbers becomes a case of sacrificing your own health by seriously reducing calories.

When you start reducing food to numbers, it will seriously harm your relationship with nutrition. Whilst, in their defence, they can act to ward you off extremely unhealthy foods (based on their high numbers) they provide little context. For example, if I ate nothing all day then binged 1,500 calories on a takeaway, according to my calories I've done nothing wrong. Yet, going from starvation to a feast like that (and in particular the nature of the food) is not healthy at all.

In case you haven't noticed: with RYPT I refrain from using the term "diet." This is not accidental and is about the mentality that RYPT encompasses. Any changes in your lifestyle should be about your nutrition and not a diet. Diet is synonymous with short-term efforts in order to achieve a longer term goal but this is not sustainable and will not succeed.

If you're looking to change your lifestyle, then you should be thinking about "nutrition" and making it a habit.

Change comes through a sustained commitment and desire to remove yourself from your present situation. A short burst of change (regardless of how effective) will not last as you will either find the change too drastic or return to your previous routine. As a result, educating yourself on what nutrition entails is by far the best method of getting results. Once you understand, then you can make informed decisions to impact your future.

Merely providing you with a template is not the best way to get results. This copying mentality does not prove provide you with any rationale and again just leads to a disparaging attitude towards certain foods.

Nutrition is all about balance. That's why RYPT is about sustainability, moderation and enjoyment. Combining all of these is the only genuine way to get results.

Going "cold turkey" to treats and snacks is not advisable. In my experience, this leads to a penultimate collapse and could completely derail your progress. Be sensible and enjoy the process of becoming healthier.

To begin the change to a healthier and happier version of yourself, sign up for a free trial of the RYPT app today! Contact me directly for more.

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