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  • How online fitness works

Online personal training seems like an alien concept to most people: how can you train someone online? I hear you ask. Well it’s a lot more beneficial and easier than you may think.

Whether you think you know about it or not, let me provide you with the facts.

To give an example, for me this week has been frantic. Spending all my work time at 100 miles per hour (not literally because I don’t want to lose my job!)

Even my spare time has been crazy. I’ve been on the phone trying to organise multiple different things (which all have a deadline). So I’ve little time to relax.

Yet despite all that, I did manage to squeeze in a gym session yesterday. It’s all about being prepared and knowing for how long and what I was doing. That level of preparation is second to none. I didn’t have to wander about the gym, wait for equipment or guess what I was doing next.

I’ll admit that I do use the training app (to tailor my training for this purpose). Even though I know what I’m going to be doing, it’s far better having a structure and seeing the linear view of my training on a calendar.

Planning and preparation are done weeks in advance, so whether it’s me or the client, can prepare and watch videos of each individual exercise.

Besides, even for me, it gives me access to hundreds of exercises (perhaps new ones) that I can try as part of my plan.

Ever since I began personal training one to one, I was looking for ways to target a wider demographic and be more dynamic without sacrificing the quality or personalisation of the RYPT brand. I tried many different things (admittedly some quite costly).

Online coaching is fundamental to my client’s progression.

With elaborate training plans (and emphasis on educating) they are able to advance at their own pace with my full support.

The app that I use has numerous benefits to my client’s including a fully personalised training plan (via an extensive initial questionnaire), nutritional management facility,

Essentially, you are getting the full RYPT service (which for one session per week was £150) for a fraction of the price.

I know what you’re thinking: why should I pay more than £2.99 for an app?

Well this is not just the app facility that you’re getting. Combined with a fully personalised and maintained training plan, you are also getting my support and time (with 7 years experience in health / fitness) to ensure that you get results much faster than by yourself.

In fact, I have clients now that have downgraded from one to one sessions to the app because of the value that it represents.

By all means, if you need someone standing next to you as you exercise, then there is a premium placed on the hours required. However, if you’re willing to venture into something new then you will be rewarded. With no commitment, obligation or fee, you can try it today – simply visit the website below.

I appreciate that investing in services online can be daunting but that’s why you’ll get a personalised questionnaire and a phone call from RYPT before you begin your training. Oh, and it’s not a fixed term contract, it’s operated monthly so you are in full control.

Furthermore, regardless of equipment / or lack of, a plan is ready to be designed FOR YOU.

Don’t miss out, get your free taster before I change my mind!!

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Ross Yeoman

Ross Yeoman

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