Ross Yeoman

Nov 17, 2021

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Winter Survival Guide

Winter Survival Guide

  • Coping with the change in seasons
  • Ensure your wellness success

As the year progresses, we reach the depth of winter with cold, dark nights and little motivation to find any energy. However, as the human body is a highly adaptable mechanism, if we don’t use our muscles then we will lose them. Here are a couple of ways to keep motivated this winter.

Nutritional Planning:

Using the extra time spent indoors to your advantage is vital to staving off weight gain. Cooking meals in advance, writing down meal plans and budgeting will all help in numerous facets of your life and there isn’t a better time to do it.


Undoubtedly, tea and coffee are great for a jump start in the morning but be cautious. Excessive consumption of these will lead to dehydration, reliance and also energy lulls, ironically.

It’s all about balance and being aware of your body.

Remember to keep aiming for two litres of water every day!


Exercise creates warmth and is vital through winter. Keeping moving can be a challenge, especially when the alarm goes off. I’ve started walking the dog at 6:30 and that has been difficult but even a few minutes of cold air in the morning helps improve my outlook.

Creating a level of commitment will keep you accountable, whether that’s the gym before work or just moving about. Even better if you write it down and record your progress.


When it’s dark before and after work, I struggle with my sleeping patterns. Going to bed early enough and being consistent is a challenge. However, having a predictable routine and sleep pattern will bring huge benefits. My sleep is definitely deeper and of better quality when I have a schedule. Minor things like reading half an hour before bed and avoiding caffeine after 1pm mean I never struggle to sleep but waking up tired is a problem of my own making!

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